Infos for international visitors (ENGLISH)

As we get quite a few requests from artists and fans of street art from all over the globe who are visiting Hamburg or are generally interested in the local scene, here’s some information on what we can do for you:

Hook You Up

If you are looking for networking opportunities with fellow streetartists: here’s your chance to do so 🙂 We are getting regular visits from national and international guests and we are always happy to introduce them to what’s going on in terms of street art in Hamburg.

Show You around

We can show you the good locations in Hamburg: street art hotspots, galleries and all you need to know to enjoy your visit to the fullest 🙂

Provide workspace

If you want to create some work while you are here, we can offer you our atelier to use for this purpose.


It is very likely you will find an artist colleague at the school who is willing and able to join creative forces and create something great together.